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Masukan tentang Graylite dari Australia

by harisby 02 Sep 2016 12:36

Barusan chatting dengan seorang software developer dari Australia, pengalamanan di cloud-based ERP project.
Saya minta dia assess Graylite.

Ini masukan dari dia:

1. when click on sales records list,
by default would be nice if sorted by #SO number, DESCENDING.
so we always see the latest orders added.

2. in edit sales order screen
when entering product code consider using a
autocomplete search combobox. so a list of matching
product shows up as user enters the product code.

3. Sales Order terms
consider a dropdown list for payment terms
in with user specified set of terms
terms 0 - 0 days
terms 7 - 7 days.
terms 30 - 30 days.
term COD - cash on delivery
each customer is linked to a term in list, so that
user cannot give 7 days to a customer that is supposed
to be on cash payment first basis.

4. the CSS for input fields that are not editable
would be nice to be slightly different from editable fields.
this can avoid confusion of user trying to edit inside
non editable fields.
example using lighter border or different shading.

5. Word changes.
In Sales Order edit, the word 'discount' is
more appropriate for the column 'rebate'.
'rebate' usually means a discount that is given
to a customer after being invoiced, usually as
a credit note or a cheque.

6. Spelling Error:
'Pint SO (Full)' should be 'Print SO (Full)'
also 'Print SO (Full)' currently prints blank report.

7. in sales order, the 'unit' column is editable
how does it handle inventory count if the user
changes unit of '1 unit' to '1 case'?
making the 'unit' column un-editable may help
resolve this issue.

8. In Sales Order - after selecting
customer, would be nice to show on right hand side
a panel with customer details, like delivery address and phone number.
perhaps a link to the customer record, so in sales order
screen, one can quickly update customer details.

9. Price Field needs to shown in Product Lookup list.
and it would be nice to update the price column when a product is

10. After sales order has been 'Approved'
it would be nice to able to move the sales
order to the next stage in the workflow
ie. buttons for 'generate invoice' or 'generate order delivery'.

i understand graylite is still under development, so alot of the suggestions may not apply. overall graylite is quite good, fast and responsive for a webbased accounting system. I can see it competing well against Zahir accounting system in Indonesia.
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Re: Masukan tentang Graylite dari Australia

by loeischandra 02 Sep 2016 13:56

Terima kasih banyak atas masukan yang diberikan pak. Akan kami pertimbangkan informasinya. :D
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